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J.P Morgan Palladium Card Welcome Kit Giveaway

Enter to win ... Lot$, Lot$, Lot$ of Free $tuff

Palladiumer Palladium

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Congratulations to our member SKS for winning the J.P. Morgan Palladium Card Welcome Kit Giveaway.

Please send a Private Message to Palladiumer within 48 hours to claim your prize.


We're giving away the following J.P Morgan Palladium Card welcome kit to one lucky member during our Act$ of Kindne$$ month in celebration of our 3rd Birthday! This welcome kit contains everything the Palladium Card came with minus the card itself and any identifying personal information.

Contest Rules/Details:

    1) To be automatically entered for a chance to win, simply post your reply in this thread to the following question.

    "What do you love about the Palladium Card?"

    2) Only entry allowed per person, per giveaway item.

    3) Only entries received by 11:59 EST on Friday, July 31 st, 2015 will qualify.

    4) The winner will be randomly selected and announced in this thread no later than August 7th. You will have up to 48 hours to contact us by private message to the user account "Palladiumer".

    5) This contest is open to all MyPalladiumCard members (except for employees and sponsors) regardless of geographical location.



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The cards exclusivity

Posts: 10
I like the materials the card is made of and the bonus for high spending!

Posts: 7
The attention it commands

Posts: 8
The fact that it bleeds money

Posts: 13
The bling bling factor

Posts: 10
The fact that everything is engraved on there!

Posts: 15
It contains Palladium for goodness sake!!!!


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