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Centurion Card Knockoff Starting @ $450

Post Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:40 pm
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We previously mentioned that for $1,200, you may be interested in a non-functional replica of the Palladium Card online.

For a fraction of that price, you may want to settle on the alternative, a fully functional replica of the Centurion Card for $450. We were able to find several outlets selling replica Centurion cards. In one particular case, rather than programming a new magnetic strip, the sellers claim that they simply remove your current magnetic strip and transfer this on to your replica card.

$450 for a Centurion Card seems like a steal if you can swallow potential future financial headaches compared to the old fashioned alternative of paying $2,500 for an additional household Centurion card.

When you have replica Centurion Cards selling for a third of Palladium Cards in the black market, it's clear that the Centurion Card continues to lose it's allure to the Palladium Card.

However, to the J.P. Morgan Palladium product development team that frequents this site, it's about time you unveil some new perks for the Palladium Card.


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