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Chase/JP Morgan Data Breach? Please check your accounts

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Important information for our members:

Over the past few weeks we’ve noticed strange credit card activity occurring on Chase credit cards. Chase has not been public about any data breaches.

In some instances, Chase has caught the transactions in time and contacted the respective card holders but in other instances, these fraudulent transaction were posted to the card holder's account.

To date, the cards affected (that we are aware of) have been:

JP Morgan Palladium
JP Morgan Ritz-Carlton
Chase Freedom
Chase IHG Rewards
Chase Marriott
Chase Sapphire Preferred
Chase Amtrak
Chase Ink
Chase Southwest


We have reached out to Chase to inquire about a data breach. In the meantime, please continue to monitor your Chase and JP Morgan accounts closely for any unauthorized charges and please report these charges immediately to Chase/J.P. Morgan.


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My Pd card number was compromised a few weeks ago, but as usual JP Morgan was very good about taking care of things.

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